Core Values:

Engage veterans in an outdoor sport that relies upon collaboration and connection.  CanyonQuests for Vets is guided by the belief that human beings benefit from a strong connection with nature and one another.  However, modern society, rooted in individualism and competition, sometimes severs these connections.  CanyonQuests for Vets seeks to engage veterans in a sport that relies upon community with one another and connection with the wild.


Build Community among veterans through participation in training events and canyon descents.  The problematic issue of veteran re-entry into society is deeply rooted in the individualism and disconnection that marks American modern society.  Any solutions to this dilemma must be guided by the values of building community


Collaboration among a canyoneering team is essential for success.  The sport of canyoneering relies upon collaboration and communication. Without them, technical canyoneering can have serious consequences.  CanyonQuests for Vets engenders these essential values through training and adventure-based canyon expeditions.  In addition, CQV seeks to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations to improve the well-being of American veterans. 


Inclusion of veterans from a diverse range of backgrounds.  The sport of canyoneering is equitable to a broad spectrum of individuals.  With a moderate level of physical fitness and a handful of technical skills, many Veterans can enjoy the sport successfully and safely.