Education & Adventure


CanyonQuests for Vets puts safety as its highest priority.  Our technical canyoneering adventures  are not "guided" in a traditional sense.  Rather, we teach each participant the hard, technical skills required for a safe canyon descent first, and then let them put those skills to work in canyons.  Participants become very much a part of the team, each playing a vital role in the successful and safe completion of a canyoneering adventure. 



During our multi-day technical canyoneering adventures, participants put their skills to the test. We travel to remote, desolate places and find canyons to stem, climb, rappel and swim down! We organize five-day canyoneering expeditions with a strong focus on training, community and adventure.  


Follow-Up Events

CanyonQuests for Vets is committed to engaging our participants long after they participate in one of our adventures.  We organize climbing outings and canyoneering practice events around the Denver metro area monthly.  In this way, CanyonQuests for Vets reconnects veterans to community, safety and the outdoors.