All photography provided by Brian Wood


Our Mission

CanyonQuests for Vets is a Colorado based non-profit which seeks to connect American veterans to the sport of canyoneering.  We foster community through powerful canyoneering adventures that rely upon collaboration, communication and the demonstration of honor.  By connecting veterans to one another and the natural world, CanyonQuests for Vets honors those who have honored us. 

We each choose our own paths. Some lead to change, others lead to disappointment. And hopefully, some of them are made of dirt.
— Brian Wood, Founder, CanyonQuests for Vets

What We Do

  • Bring veterans together for adventure based canyoneering courses and technical training.
  • Provide veterans with a solid foundation of technical skills to ensure safety and success.
  • Create community and collaboration through technical canyoneering training and adventures.
  • Allow veterans the opportunity to demonstrate honor through participating in adventure based courses.
  • Engender communication and teamwork.
  • Play in the dirt
  • Help veterans reintegrate into society through wilderness based canyon descents that rely upon collaboration and technical skills.